Hey, I’m Carlos, I have just started my BJJ journey, and have found a new love for it. I decided that I would start a blog about things I enjoy doing. I have also recently re-found the joy of reading, why not join the two, hence read n roll. I hope to use this platform to share the joy of both reading and rolling, but also as a way to contribute anything I have learnt to those who want to read. I had a brief battle with cancer in 2016, I shared my experience in a blog post, that can be found here.  I have learnt from that experience and I hope to give people hope and insight that they can fight through their struggles and win, by pushing through the suffering and not taking life for granted. You only have one life and you should spend it doing the things that bring you joy and you constantly grow. So, if I can bring others out of the dark and push them up I will have done a good job.

Hopefully, I, as well as you, can learn from what comes from this blog.

See you on the mats.